Sunday, July 20, 2014

Grandma Deb's

We are having a blast here in the southwest corner of the state. Made a trip to the Great Plains Zoo in good ol' SD.

The girls did get sick (and I'm talking scrapping up piles of vomit off the floor let's hose you down in the tub sick). But luckily it was a quick bug and they are starting to feel better.

Tonight we are braving the humidity (and the curious raccoons) to camp out in the yard. I'm pretty sure I'm going to regret this tomorrow when they've kept me up half the night, but they are SO excited. It's definitely not my parents gig, but it's something I enjoy and am happy to do with the girls (although I may change that opinion by morning).

Monday, July 14, 2014

Not Much...

What to write, what to write...  I feel as if I am again losing a bit of steam on the blog.  I'm not sure if it's just because I find myself so busy in other areas of life right now, a lack of feedback from my readers (except you, Abby *hugs*) or just a general lack of good content ideas.
     WAIT- It's not supposed to be a guilt trip, please don't take it that way, but sometimes even those of us who love to talk type get tired of it from time to time especially when it feels like you are talking to yourself.  You know? I think I expected more feedback on some of those bigger issues this last month which was a bummer when you all felt so damn shy!  It did spur some good conversations with some of you readers in my backyard, but sometimes I just yearn to hear from someone outside of me and my world.  I know you're out there reading this right now... maybe.

Anyway. Enough of that.

The girls have LESS THAN ONE MONTH before they start school. Wow.  I'm so excited about it really.  I know they are going to love it and I think I expect to really see them begin to blossom into their own individuals with unique interests that they aren't afraid to pursue on their own (the last part being the key).  I am excited for them to get caught up in new ideas, make new friends, learn patience and obedience on a different level and about a hundred other things.  I loved school, well, until those really hard high school years- I'm sure we all have our stories.  Unfortunately, my hubby is having a harder time with the idea- then again, he's not home with them every day *wink*.

I'm trying really hard to be "in the moment" and really relish these last few weeks, but it feels like that is putting just more pressure on each day to be perfect.  Let me tell you, they ain't perfect! It doesn't help that I'm chomping on the bit to really dive head first into Holey Socks Art and get this puppy running full time. It's been hard to get new product completed, not to mention up and listed, in a timely manner.  I have all of these ideas in my head, but as I am a one woman production team that is currently a full time domestic engineer (aka homemaker) I have to curb many of these and putz along slowly.  I hope to expand the jewelry line- weed out old designs, create new, expand the necklace line and maybe make some bracelets.  Any bracelet fans out there? They are one of my favorite items to wear, I know. But thats all just the tip of the iceberg.  I hope to seriously up my local game, really start working hard to promote, etc.  I will always welcome help in the form of cheerleaders! Share my Facebook posts, Follow me on Instagram, join the mailing list and forward the newsletters on to your friends.  Alright, enough shameless plugging...

I am SUPER DE-DOOPER EXCITED to have just ordered a Silhouette Portrait electronic cutter.  Basically, it cuts through just about anything in any design you can imagine, including you're own.  It will allow me to significantly speed up production of my shrink plastic jewelry as I will no longer have to hand cut every single stinking pin, earring, etc and will also with the new sticker lines that are starting.  I haven't been so excited about a craft item since my Gocco press! Yeah, I'm a craft nerd, but I KNOW I'm not alone on that one.  If your nice, maybe I'll let you come over and watch me use it :)

So, in the mean time I am working on a few new designs and about a half dozen hoops. I finished my custom embroidery portrait but can't share it until August 8th- it is a gift after all so no spoiling the surprise.  I will definitely be posting lots of pictures though as I think it turned out pretty awesome.  *Toot toot*

The girls and I are off later this week to my hometown to spend a few days with grandma and grandpa, visit great grandparents, do some swimming, go to the zoo, and just have fun! I think we are all looking forward to a nice summer break and to get away for a little while.  We may even pack the tent and try a sleep out in the yard.  Who knows.

Other than that, I am sitting around eating ice cream every night getting just a wee bit pudgier making excuses as to why I can't find time to work out. Running was going great at the beginning of the year and now has come to a complete stop.  I feel pretty horrible, but can't seem to kick myself in the ass hard enough to make me actually get off of it and do something.  Despite all my projects and all that I get done, I am at heart a lazy person.  I don't like to move if I can help it... There I said it, it's out.  So, if anyone out there (HELLO!!) has any tips for actually motivating yourself to get started and get off the damn couch I would love to hear it.  I'm slowly approaching my pregnancy (TWIN pregnancy) weight and am ready to start sewing myself lots and lots of black muu muss.
Photo taken from artist Rachel Herrick's blog.  She does some REALLY amazing work that centers around obesity and how our culture views it.  You should definitely check out her stuff here:  OR click on the picture to see the post regarding muu muus and muu muu culture. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Puppy Love

So I don't normally share on here other projects I've created for folks via Etsy, but working with The Rescue Project of Kansas was real fun not to mention they are working hard at such a great cause, so I wanted to share a bit more about them and their mission.

The Rescue Project is not just your typical animal rescue.  They focus their mission around education and awareness to the public on responsible pet ownership and empower people to make a difference.  It starts with building trustful relationships with people and their pets which allows them to help improving the lives of needy animals living in the community.  I mean, what strides are your really going to make if you don't first educate people.  

In addition, they provide basic survival items such as food, water and dog houses for needy animals. They offer low cost veterinary resources and emphasize the need to spay and neuter.  You remember Bob Barker don't you? "Help control the pet population. Have your pet spay or neutered."

As a worker described it to me:
"We go into low income, often crime ridden neighborhoods looking for dogs who have been chained and neglected. We provide food, housing, medical care, and work with the owners to improve the lives of their dogs. Most of these dogs wear heavy chains, even padlocks, and have no shelter from the elements - it's crazy. 
In cases of abuse or severe neglect we encourage owners to surrender the dog and/or contact animal control. Though most often, people are grateful for the help and want to do better so we work on improving conditions and education. 
...  There are so many amazing people involved who are dedicated (devoted really) to each dog we find and making sure they are cared for long term..."

I had the pleasure of helping the team get their logo on a button (below) that will now be used initially at their Cowboy Craft Fair, worn by volunteers, and eventually used on gift basket bows. 

I stress you to go and check out the website here: and learn more about their cause, read some of the heartwarming rescue stories, and how you can help.

Shopping addiction? (*cough* shelley *cough) Then you can help by stopping at their volunteer shop on Etsy. Funds go toward helping the Rescue Project complete their mission. Find them here at FourPrairieDogs on Etsy. They have lots of stuff for you animal buddy (think collars, toys, etc) as well as lots of stuff for you!